Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another interesting story on the Sanguma practice.

Youths urged to refrain from sorcery revenge
VILLAGE elders from Menito village of Fayantina constituency in Henganofi, Eastern Highlands Province have urged their young men not to take revenge for alleged practising of sorcery on a fellow villager.
The village elders believed that taking revenge on an alleged sorcerer created more problems in the villages because the Highlands region was renowned for causing tribal fights and destructions as a result.
They also know that this was one of the ways their young men perished at the hands of the tribal rivals and they did not want to take that lightly to safeguard their young people.
The Menito villagers recently held a party in memory of one of their kinsmen, Joel Ikino, 30, who was believed to be the alleged victim of the sorcery.
He died on December 28, last year but a feast was held recently and the elders from the village used that juncture to talk to the young men.
They told the young men that late Ikino, their brother died of alleged sorcery.
The elders told them that there were so many killings of sorcerers suspected being practised in Fayantina area but their village had decided not to take revenge on the case.
They urged the young men from their tribe to forgive the alleged sorcerers who killed Mr Ikoino and urged them to cease practicing such sort of things.
The elders told whoever was practising this to stop because it had been causing trouble and problems into the once peaceful village.
The Fayantina area was renowned for having many churches including Foursquare, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran and others.
Tribal fights in the areas had erupted for such cases as sorcert but Menito villagers took their stand not to take law into their own hands by taking revenge on the other tribes.
The elders said it was unique to forgive the alleged perpetrators and thanks the villagers for their brave thoughts to save the lives of the people in that area.

Source: The Post Courier 12th Feb 10 

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